Game Development

In this track we’ll learn to develop and build games. 2D games, 3D games, classic games and your own unique projects. We cover all that goes into game creation - coding, design and storytelling. All the games we build have a unique link, which you can share with anyone.

Track path

1. Getting Started

Game Design

We look at how games are composed, and explore the elements that go into creating a successful game environment. This sets the foundation for all things that come after.

Exploring Unity

We’ll learn how to use the world’s most popular game development tool by building a set of smaller projects.

Game Dev History

Learn about the history of game development and how it has influenced computer science and tech in general. We build our way through some old timers and investigate codebases from way back.

2. Main Project Stage

Learn Basic 2D and 3D Design

We create 2d and 3d worlds using Blender(a popular 3d design tool).

Basic scripting in C#

At this point we start using programming to our advantage. We use it to tailor the rules of the game world.

Project management and teams

Games are large endeavours and are rarely built solo(although it's become more normal these days). We find out what it's like to work in a team, and use various tools to aid us in collaboration.

3. More Advanced Topics

VR and AR

How can we build an interactive world and use VR and AR to explore it?

Intermediate coding concepts

We start using code to generate terrain, and create more sophisticated Enemies by implementing AI algorithms.

Tools we use

These are the tools we use.


One of the world's most popular “all in one” game development environments. With Unity you can create 2D and 3D games and publish them on more than 25 platforms.

C# Language

C# is a robust language with a rich set of built-in functions and operators that can be used to write any complex program.


A sophisticated 3d design tool used by industry professionals. is the fastest way to develop your own websites. It’s an integrated development environment (fancy word for a code editor) that works right in your browser. Nothing to download!

Visual Studio Code

VS Code is a powerful code editor developed by Microsoft.

Method Behind the Madness

Learning through build games

The best way to learn how to build good games, is to build a lot of games. It’s generally a good idea to first build games that are based on classic games. That way you’ll learn about game design, mechanics and development from the masters. Later on, when you build your own original games, you can draw inspiration from the classic games. We’ll make sure you understand the basics by teaching you how to build games like Frogger, Flappy Bird, Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda. Then you can embark on a journey to create your own indie game that will bring you fame and fortune!