Rafid Hoda

4.7 / 5.0

I have a passion for education and learning and I spend my days working on how to make it easy, fun and engaging to learn new things.

For the past two years I have taught hundreds of kids how to build their own games, websites and programs.
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One thing I REEAALLYYYYY enjoy is that I can now try to code on my own, the teachers were VEEEEEEERYYYYY clear. one thing is that I am very unpopular at school so thanks to this I may become more popular at school, all thanks to you! Also ( I really need a lot of time to figure out where to begin) I think I now may make my Videogame Of Dreams! And I learned how to inonly one week! I`ll of course join the club if I get allowed and I reccomend this to everybody hwo is facineted by elecronics and computers like I amI W also diden´t work to much, brakes were frequent. I really thank our teachers, Rafid, Joey and Skage for teaching me all I know about PCs! If you are about to start at this course, you shald barely manage to wait!

The teachers where great.They always had the answers on my questions. I always had a wish of programming.And the wish came true.It was really fun building my own games and learning coding.You also get new friends when you are at the camp. If you want to learn programming and coding I really recommend Bitcamp to you!

This was a fun week. Anything I was wondering about, they answered with details. They always had time for everyone and gave us enough time to write down the code properly. I think that they were one of the best instructors that I have seen. I hope to come back to bitcamp soon, and learn even more next time. :-)

The course was really good and i learned a lot. the teachers were awesome and was always there to help if i did something wrong. i now think that i can make som simpel games on my own. all around it was a really fun course that i would recommend it to everyone that wants to start coding.

This course is really fun! You learn alot from just five days. The instructers are nice and help you when you need it. It's easy to follow along in class. Although we were many students most of us were done with all of our games. You learn to program 100% functional games!

Bitcamp gives a lot of freedom to do what you want (Within certain limitations) and is very confortable to go through. It allows the students to go at their own pace, and take things slow or fast, and take short breaks if it feels overpowering.

I think that this course is a really good way to learn programming. The instructors are really good and are very good at explaining. I met many different people and even made new friends. I recommend this to everyone :)

I've only been to a few programming courses before this one and they were all mediocre, but this one was well planned, had good teachers and was a very positive experience all together.

The course was really nice. Teachers explain what to do nicely so that you will not have any problems with games. And even if you have any issues, Instructors are always ready to help.

This course was amazing! I loved to code and make these games. The teacher's were great and helped me when i needed it. I got new freinds, and i liked the games i made (with help).

I like Bitcamp course it's focused on one thing at a time which is good course im bad at lisening at meny things and I love games which is what we made this hole time.

Det var gøy å være der, og jeg vil ikke dra. Men jeg synes det var gøy fordi man kan tegne, programmere og mest av alt at vi fikk være med noen flotte lærere!!!!!!!!

My parents have always made me go to different holiday courses because of them having to work. But this is definitely the best course that I've been through yet.

I had rally fun at the camp, and i learned a lot about web development and programming. In addition to learning i found out about a new "hobby" that i enjoy.

I think this course is really good and i will definitely go here again, It is the best course i have ever been on. i will be on the next if i can!

It was teachable and really fun, we could make games and play games in the break It has been great 5 days to making games and playing games.

I really liked it. there were good teachers, and really nice people, and I learnd a lot! :D I would definitely do it again! :) :D :D :)

It' the best summer camp i ever had! I recommend it to all kids that think that programming can be interesting. I really enjoyed it!

The course was great. I didn't really have any experience with javascript prior to this, but I feel like I'm decent at it now.

det er veldig gøy og du lærer utrolig mye. instruktørene er flinke og du lager kule spill. Du burde melde deg på!

det er veldig morsomt og lærerikt. og man kan få nye venner, og jeg ble veldig fornøyd med spillene mine! ;)

det var veldig gøy og jeg lærte mye med å lage spill, spillene vi lagte ble veldig kule og gøye å spille.

it was fun to be here in bitcamp i learned many new things it helped me for many complicated things too

det hvar veldig bra, jeg fikk nye venner og jeg ble veldig fornojd av spille mitt det hvar mye pausser

I learnt many new things here. I loved the course and it was an experience i will never forget.

They are good at learning away. They never say the answer to a problem but helps us to think.

Its fun to be able to code games i learned so much and will defenetly continue to code :-)

det var VELDIG gøy og det er mange snille folk der vi får mange pauser, jeg anbefaler det

det var gøy!!!!!!!!! nor de sa noe så sa de det på en måte sånn at alle skjønte det.

Great course. I recommend it highly. The teachers where able to help everyone perfectly

It was fine, teachers were helpful, giving good advice on how to do certain things.

på 5 dager har jeg lært å programere med java skrift og fått noen nye venner

I Learned a lot and it was fun, mainly because it focused on one thing

i enjoyed it very much. i understoood most of the code very good.

Really good teachers. It was easy to follow . i realy liked it.

det var veldi gøy jeg fik noen vener jeg lerte og programere

Veldig bra kurs, og instruktørene var flinke til å forklare

Dette var veldig gøy håper dere kommer til sommer ferien.

Great course. I loved it I think everybody should do it.

I think it was fun to learn how to programm basic stuff

This was an fantastic cours whit a werry god thecher

the course was very fun i liked the course a lott

i like this because you learn lot of thing there!

The course is just great, but costs a bit much

jeg likte kurset godt og fikk mange nye venner

I did enjoy and I did learn lots of things.


learned a lot. even want to do it again.

da va veldi gøy og eg lærte mase koding

is was extremely informativ i liked it

I had alot of fun, and i learned alot!

It fun to learn how to make games.

Det var gøy fodi jeg lerte mye

den var kul. annbefaler den.

Good Ruby on Rails tutorial

I realy enjoy the course

Very fun. Very very fun.

jeg likte det som passe

jeg likte det veldig

very good course!!!

det var veldig gøy

It was really fun.

It was really fun

i really liked it

very good and fun

It was really fun

its was amazing

i liked bitcamp

it was so funn

good and cool

I love that


it was fun

Gøy å være