Our pricing is simple. You can either sign up for a membership, in which case you get everything, or you can sign up for a single holiday camp.

NOK 1499/month
Per Student

  • • Can be taken from anywhere in Norway
  • • 30 day money back guarantee
  • • Pause or cancel any time

What you'll get...

  • • 1.5 hour live online class every week
  • • Access to our entire library of course material
  • • Help outside of class
  • • Access to the CurlyBrackets Community
  • Free access to all holiday camps*
* Only in selected cities
Holiday Camp
NOK 2800
Per Student

  • Offered in Oslo

What you'll get...

  • • 15 hours of classes over a week
  • • Access to selected materials from our library

Questions about pricing? Ask us in the chat!