The Pandemic Project

Do you have a solution to the corona crisis?

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There are problems that have to be solved by scientists and doctors right now. For those problems we have to trust the experts. But there are other problems, that each and everyone of us can relate to. Those we can try to solve together. / For those you don't need a PhD, you just need to look at the daily things from a different point of view.

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The Project

Ideas that work are not always the simple ones. We only have one week. So here’s the plan. You come up with the best idea you can.

For each project we’ll sketch out the solution you’ll come up with so that your potential teammates or investors will be able to understand what you want to create.

We’ll teach you how to present it to the world andwe’ll help you to get the word out. Let’s see how far we can go together.

1. Define the Problem

Find the problem that matters to you. Is it something to do with school switching to online education? Maybe it’s helping those in the risk groups? Or maybe it’s bringing friends and family closer in these times of social distancing.

2. Brainstorm for Solution

Dissect the problem and look at it from every possible angle. Learn how to brainstorm and differentiate between ideas to find the one that might actually work. After you know where you want to go - make a plan. Get to know exactly how and what you need to do to make this work so that the only thing that’s left is execution.

3. Create the Product

Now is the time to put your head down and grind. Sketch out your solution. Think out the details and figure out what’s the best way to present it to the world. On this stage you’ll get guidance from a a group of mentors.

4. Present Solution

Getting the world to jump on board with your project takes some convincing. You need to get people as excited about your idea as you are. We’ll learn about skills of pitching and you’ll get some feedback on the projects you’ve made. Feedback gives you direction and lets you move forward. Our experts will look at your project from every side possible - tech, team, business and design

Getting the Word Out

Once our marathon is over for anyone who wants we will share your projects on our social media and add them to the newsletter that will be sent to all the media contacts we have.

We will ask them to share the projects they’ll like the most with their audience and maybe that will help you to find the team you need to take your project from paper to reality.

Meet our Experts

Our mentors will share their knowledge, tips and tricks. But most importantly they’ll help you get through the parts where you’ll feel like you’re stuck.

Rafid Hoda

CEO & Co-Founder - CurlyBrackets

Business and Tech

Is there a need in the world for this solution? Is there a market for it? And what tech is best used to make it happen?

Aleksander Malde

CPO & Co-Founder - CurlyBrackets

Design and Structure

Design is not only about things looking nice, it’s also about functionality and products being easy to use.

Anni Hoda

COO & Co-Founder - CurlyBrackets

Branstorming and Presentation

Projects start with ideas. We begin with a blank slate and we want to get to a point where we can explain our solution to anyone. Be it a Sillicon Valley VC or your friends 3 year-old sister.





9 - 19


Easter Week
06.04.2020 - 10.04.2020



Times of day

10:00 - 12:00
2 hours a day. 10 hours total.



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