The Pandemic Project:
Second Wave

Online mini-camp

Ages 9 - 19



Autumn Break

Join our autumn break mini-camp. It's hard to solve corona crisis but we sure can try. We'll brainstorm for solutions to some of the pandemic problems the world is facing and then we’ll use a professional design software to create and prototype that project.

1. Define the Problem

Find the problem that matters to you. Is it something to do with school switching to online education? Maybe it's helping those in the risk groups? Or maybe it's bringing friends and family closer in these times of social distancing.

2. Find a Solution

Is it an app? Maybe a website? Or maybe it's an object. It can be anything physical or digital. For anything physical we'll design a webpage presenting the product. No limit to the imagination. Your idea might seem out of reach but humanity has achieved many things that seemed unreal before.

3. Create the Product

You'll use Figma to design your website or an app and prototype it - add interactions, and animations. Make things look like it's a working app or website.

4. Presentation

Get the world as excited about your idea as you are. In the end of the camp we'll hold presentations to show off what you've built.

We've done this before

This is not the first time we're running an online camp of this sort. Way back in April 2020, when corona was in the beginning phase, we held a similar camp during the Easter Break.

It was a big success! With 35 students attending.

We held a public livestream at the end of the camp, where all the teams got a chance to present their projects.



9 - 19

Weeks offered

Weeks 41, 42, 43 and 44.


10:00 - 12:00 or 13:00 - 15:00



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This camp is only open to new students

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