Become a coding superstar

Nine in ten parents want their kids to learn computer science.* However, this education is lacking in our schools.

At Curly Brackets, we believe that if kids learn about programming, technology and business they can achieve great things. They can build whatever they want, be it games, websites or apps.

This course is designed to teach kids about how technology works, learn how to program and build fun projects. The best way to learn is to bring your own ideas to light and build your own projects.

This course is for kids aged 8 - 19 and runs after school from January to June.

Course starts week 4

What if we told you that we can give your child a solid foundation in programming in just 6 months?

Self-driving cars, drones, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality will dominate industry by the time your child is an adult. This technology will be prevalent in virtually every industry from medicine to construction, education, finance. The people who understand and design this type of technology will have lifelong advantages.

Did you know that the founders of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Twitter, AirBnB and Minecraft all started programming when they were kids?

By understanding technology you get to take part in shaping and building the future.

That's where Curly Brackets comes in.

We teach kids the fundamentals of computer science and programming so they can have a leg up on the future.

What you'll get

2 hours of classes a week, for a total of 16 weeks
Video recording of each class
Problems, notes, tutorials and other resources.
Access to exclusive bonus material
Access to Curly Brackets community for students and parents

What you'll learn

Learn the fundamentals of programming
Design, build and publish your own games
Create your own awesome looking websites
Learn about how the computer and internet works
Learn how to make good technology products
Learn how to think like a computer scientist

Here's how we're different

Expert teachers

We believe that great education starts with a great teacher. An engaging teacher can be the different between a bored classroom and a class where the students feel inspired to learn. Our teachers are professionals that are good at what they do and want to share what they know with eager students.


We all learn in different ways. At Curly Brackets, we take time to get to know each and every student so that we can provide the best framework for every student to succeed. Our class sizes are small and our teachers give appropriate challenges to all the students. Regardless of age, interest or skill level.

Focus on building

Learning does not take place in a vacuum. Kids want to know why they are learning something. By starting with the end result in mind, we can break down the problem into smaller steps and then start building. This makes so much more sense, because at each step we know exactly why we are solving it and what it is leading to.

A school for everyone

Does your child have Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, etc? These conditions do not need to be a hindrance in learning for kids. The reality is that many successful people (especially programmers!) have these conditions. We believe it is a strength, rather than a weekness. Contact us to talk about how we can support your child.

Questions? Ask in chat.
We respond in seconds

Video about the course

Below is short video showing what students can build in the course. Here is a much longer video with more info.

Which language?

The classes will be taught in either Norwegian or English, depending on the students in the class. The teacher speaks both English and Norwegian and will communicate with every student in the langauge they find most comfortable.


The classes will take place at Grensen 9B, 0159 Oslo, the offices of Iterate AS. You can get there easily by public transportation.


The classes run after school from 4 PM to 6 PM. There are classes running on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for different age groups. See the dates below.

What do I need?

A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed on it. Chromebooks can also be used.

Meet the instructor

I'm Rafid Hoda, an entrepreneur, programmer, startup founder and teacher. Former founder of Bitcamp.

I started building my own games and websites when I was 10 years old and sold my first website at 14 years old.

I have a passion for education and learning and I spend my days working on how to make it easy, fun and engaging to learn new things.

For the past two years I have taught hundreds of kids how to build their own games, websites and programs.


You can either pay 9999 NOK in full or choose to pay 1999 NOK per month for a total of 11 994 NOK.

There is no risk! Get a 100% refund during the first 4 weeks if you are not happy.

Ready to sign up? Pick a class

17 students attending. Last date to sign up is 4th Feb 2019.

Ages 8 & 9
16:00 - 18:00
3 students
Ages 12 and up
16:00 - 18:00
4 students
Ages 12 and up
16:00 - 18:00
7 students
Ages 10 & 11
16:00 - 18:00
3 students

Got questions?

Talk to the teacher at 466 77 978 or start a chat.