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Meet our students

Thomas and Duncan

Thomas and Duncan co-founded TEVO together in early 2019. Thomas handles all the programming while Duncan is the designer.

Beneath the Barren is the first game developed by Tevo, with design inspired by Star Wars, and the Destiny Franchise.

Ulrik and Victor

Taking the words "Creativity" and "Mayhem" and mashing them together, Ulrik and Victor started their company, Creahem.

Creahem is a young game company that aims to make lovable games that are fun, engaging and contain pirates. Their first game is called "That game with pirates and monkeys".


Ghibriel has worked on games solo and in a team. His latest solo project is a game called "Jonny with no hope", a game about a recently divorced man being chased for tax evasion.

Ghibriel co-founded Century Games together with Jacob and Henrik. Their first release is "Mr. Needlefish".


Marion has worked on several projects with us. She is an artist and designer with great attention to detail.

In the past she has worked on a game called "Jumpy the Superdog" with her co-founder Joachim. She is currently working on an open world game called "Birds Online".

We build projects

We teach our students through building projects. Our students make games and websites. Students can work in small teams or solo.

Beneath the Barren

Beneath the Barren is the first game developed by Tevo, with design inspired by Star Wars, and the Destiny Franchise.

Created by TEVO (Thomas and Duncan)

That Game with Pirates, Sharks and Monkeys

An RPG game with pirates, sharks and monkeys. Arr!

Created by Creahem (Ulrik and Victor)

Mr. Needlefish

A game where the king of the sea comes to try and take over the world because the sea is polluted and over populated.

Created by Century Games
(Ghibriel, Jacob and Henrik)

Wondering what you can build? Here are just some examples:



Chat app

Fighting Game

Social Network

Quiz App



Personal Website

In short: If you can imagine it, you can build it!

Our process in 6 steps

1. Meeting each other

The student will be assigned a teacher and the teacher will learn about the interests and inspirations of the student. Together they will decide which project the student will be building.

2. Make a plan

Together with the teacher, the student will create a personalised plan with all the nitty-gritty details he/she will need to build the project. This step is about outlining what knowledge the student needs to make it happen.

3. Join our Community

Join a group of artists and developers that are just like you starting on their journey into the great unknown world of coding and creating.

4. Imagine It

There is more to digital projects than code. It's first and foremost a creative process. We'll talk about stories and narratives, we'll look for design inspirations and come up with our own designs. We'll test it out and iterate until it all comes together.

5. Build It

We flip the classroom. That means students go through new concepts during their free time and then use the time in the classroom to ask the questions, gain more insight and share the experience with each other. They get a first set of videos and create simple projects to master basic programming skills. As students go more deeply into the creative process they receive more video tutorials that are specific to their needs and the learning pace of each student.

6. Share

We will use time in the classroom to discuss the concepts in more detail, share the progress, get and give some constructive criticism to each other. Once students are done building their projects, they get to publish it online and share the link with anyone they want. And then, of course, get started on something new.

How do classes work?

How do our classes work exactly? There are two parts to our classes:

Project Material

You'll get access to video tutorials that will show you how to build different projects. This means you can work on your project whenever you want.

You can also go exactly at the pace that is comfortable for you. Need help? Ask for help on our platform and a teacher or a fellow student will help you out.

Live Classes

Once a week you'll attend a live class with your main teacher. This is where you can get help coming up with new project ideas, ask your teacher questions, discover new things to learn and interact with the other students in your class.

Your teacher will work closely with you. The classes take place after school.

We hold our classes at our office in Oslo. Our classes can also be attended remotely online.

Skills our students gain


Understanding and implementing programming concepts is the first step in figuring out whether it's something you would want to do professionally.


The world is filled with people so different that sometimes we struggle to understand each other. Learning to communicate your ideas and work with different people is something we can all benefit from.


Design is not only a pretty picture. It's a visual language. Design is a tool you can use to communicate your ideas with without language barriers.


We tell stories all the time. You tell a story about yourself when you apply for a job, you tell a story through books, movies and images. To inspire and convince people your story needs to be compelling.


We all run into big and small problems throughout the course of our lives. Programming teaches you to take a big problem, break it into small chunks and solve them one by one.

Public Speaking

They say that 75% of people are afraid of public speaking and yet this is something each one of us do on a regular basis. Feeling as comfortable in front of a crowd of strangers as if you were talking to your best friend is something anyone can find helpful.

Meet the team

Do you remember sitting in class and wondering why you need to know all those formulas? How is writing a paper on classics of Spanish literature is going to bring you closer to being an astronaut?

Do you remember feeling scared to fail a test or anxious to be called by the teacher to answer a question? Do you remember loving some subjects and hating others?
We remember that too. Which is why we want to make it different. We believe that education is not just a proclamation of knowledge to masses of kids sitting in rows in front of you. We believe that the process of learning can be inspiring and should be connected to the real world and not abstracts.
We believe that it’s not only factual knowledge that you should gain while learning something. It’s also skills, like leadership, cooperation, self-motivation, ability to finish what you’ve started and creativity. We try to bring these values into our courses and share them with our students. So that learning will not be something you have to do but also something you enjoy.

Rafid Hoda

Some people dream of becoming firemen, others want to be astronauts, presidents, doctors or pirates. Ever since Rafid was a kid he dreamt of becoming a teacher. He is genuinely passionate about sharing knowledge and helping people learn new things. Some of his students have been coming back to his classes for over two years now. He, like no one else, can inspire and support an interest for learning and growth.

Aleksander Malde

Aleks has tried out and worked in so many fields that it would make a pretty long list. A thing that kept coming back is teaching. Even though Aleksander has taught hundreds of kids from kindergarten kids to high school students, he still puts his whole heart into the process. Constantly coming up with new ways to motivate the students and light up this fire within them that would make them seek new knowledge and continue learning even after the class is done.

Anni Hoda

Have you heard about the fear of blank slate? It's likely that you've experienced it yourself. One of the best ways to snap out of it is when someone asks you the right question. A question about something you're trying to do that would get your brain going. Anni's super power is asking the right questions at the right time and putting things into perspective. She's the boss of storytelling and unexpected new ideas.

What are parents saying?

Anne Romslo
My son, 13 years old, is very happy about CurlyBrackets. He learns a lot and ends the classes with a smile. His fellow students and the teacher is great, he says. I feel that he is acquiring important skills that will be an advantage later in life, and at the same time he is having a lot of fun right now. It seems that CurlyBrackets way of focusing on game making is very intriguing and sparks an interest in programming. I am very happy about the course.

How much does it cost?

NOK 1499/month
Per Student

  • • 30 day money back guarantee
  • • Pause or cancel any time

What you'll get...

  • • 1.5 hour live class every week
  • • Access to our library of videos
  • • Real-time help outside of class
  • • Access to the CurlyBrackets Community on Discord
  • • Free access to all holiday camps


Which countries is this available in?


Which language will classes be conducted in?


How old should the student be?

The student should be between the ages of 11 - 16 to participate. If you child is younger or older but would still like to join please contact us.

How often does a student attend class?

Every student has a 1.5 hour live class once a week.

Which days and which times will the classes take place?

See our available times and days below. The parents and students will get to choose the times that suits you best.

How long should a student spend on the program?

As much or as little as they want. We have some students who have been attending our courses for more than 2 years. It's like Isaac Asimov said: "Education isn't something you can finish."

What does the student need to participate?

A computer (with a microphone), headphones and an internet connection. The operating system can be Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS.

Does the student need any prior programming knowledge?

Nope, we'll start from absolute scratch!

Have a question?

Ask us in the chat!

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Our classes start from 2nd Sep 2019. If you sign up now, you'll be charged $199 for the first month and then charged monthly starting 2nd Oct. We have 30 day money back guarantee so trying is risk free and you can cancel you subscription any time.

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