How to Sign Up

We want to make sure that our students will actually benefit from being with us. To do so we came up with a short checklist for our potential students and their parents to consider.


  • You are 11 years old or older
  • You can speak English
  • You have access to a computer and can use it during and outside of class
  • You know your way around a computer (at least a bit). You can type, you know what an internet browser is and how it works.
  • You want to join the course


  • You talked to your child about joining this course and he/she would like to do it.
  • Parents want what’s best for their kids. As much as programming is a great skill to have, we believe that you only should learn it if you want to do so. Sometime you need to try it our first before you know whether you’d enjoy it or not. We get that. As long as your kid is onboard with giving it a shot - we’ll be more than happy to become his\hers guides.
If all the boxes check out and you decide to sign up we’ll schedule two short meetings with you.

1. A quick phone call with the parent.

2. A free 45 minute trial coding class with the student.

We do that because getting to know you a little bit helps us to make sure that everyone is happy with the experience later. This approach helped us to keep our drop-out rate at zero.