CurlyGames - summer

The Great Game Journey Begins

Learn about programming concepts, design and code your very own game and hang out with other kids who love to create awesome things.


11 and up




Kr 2800


Much more than a coding course

Coding is more then just typing complicated looking text patterns - it’s first and foremost a creative tool and a problem solving experience.

Solve real life problems

From ocean pollution to climate change - the world is tackling a lot of important problems. We believe that young generation has something to say about that too.

During this summer we’ll focus on building games that either raise awareness of pressing world issues or even offer a solution.

Design, storytelling and development

You might’ve never thought about it but a lot of things come together in game creation. It’s not only the code, the game play and rules of the game - it’s also art and design, story and character development. It’s basically building an entire world that has it’s own laws and it’s own inhabitants. And that is exactly what young coders get to do at this course.


Our students have a full freedom of creating the project they want on their own but many choose to form teams at this course. We encourage collaboration and believe it teaches you important skills - such as communicating your thoughts and ideas to other people and finding common ground even when you don’t fully agree with each other.

Programming or Design Track

We’ll spend the first two days covering the basics and introducing you to both the programming and design side of building a game.

After the intro you’ll get to focus on either programming or design, so you can spend most of the time getting good at what you enjoy.


Flipping the curriculum

Coding, as any subject, has concepts that are easy and those that are believed to be hard. The hard ones are often taught after you go through the easy (although often boring) introduction.

We don’t believe in that approach. We start with so-called “hard stuff” and then the easy parts fall into place. Learning higher level concepts from the very beginning gives our students more freedom for experiments and creation.

Programming with Phaser

We will be using a popular programming language called JavaScript and a game development framework called Phaser. Phaser is what the pros use to make games.

Some examples
CATS: Instant Fights
Jewels Blitz 3
Go Chicken Go! and many more.

With Phaser, your games would be available not only in a browser but also as a desktop version.

Self paced learning

All of us are different. We have different interests, different tastes in ice cream and also different learning paces. Some of us learn faster while others take their time to process new information. It has nothing to do with how smart we are and everything with us just being us.

We strongly believe kids should have an opportunity to learn at their own pace. Which iswhy we developed a method that let’s them do just that.

Doesn’t matter if the student have never coded before, or if he or she already tried it out. They can go for a simple game or for one packed with all types of additional features. We’ll be there to help at every step of the way.


Meet the Teachers

Rafid Hoda

I started building my own games and websites when I was 10 years old and sold my first website at 14 years old.

I have a passion for education and learning and I spend my days working on how to make it easy, fun and engaging to learn new things.

I have taught hundreds of kids how to build their own games and websites.

Aleksander Malde

My greatest interests are education and learning and I spend a major part of my time coming up with new and exciting ways for students to acquire knowledge and understand things deeply.

Many a child, and teenagers alike, have been educated in the craft of game development under the reign of my might!


Read our reviews

"One thing I REEAALLYYYYY enjoy is that I can now try to code on my own, the teachers were VEEEEEEERYYYYY clear. I think I now may make my Videogame Of Dreams!"

"I've only been to a few programming courses before this one and they were all mediocre, but this one was well planned, had good teachers and was a very positive experience."

Frequently asked questions

Which language will the course be taught in?

All of our teachers are fluent in both English and Norwegian. The students can speak to the teacher in whichever langauge they feel most comfortable in. The courses are usually taught in Norwegian, however we make an exception when some students only speak English. Contact us if you are worried about this.

Do you need to have programmed before to take this course?

Nope, we start from scratch. No prior programming experience required.

How many students per class?

We take a maximum of 12 students per class. It's important for us that all students get the attention they deserve.

What do students need to bring?

All students must bring their own laptop and headphones. The OS can be Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS. Don’t forget the charger! :)

What if I have more questions?

Ask away! Press the button below to chat with us.

@Innovasjonshub UiB

Christies gate 20, 5007 Bergen

Real quick summary

Main course

The Great Game Journey Begins


NOK 2800


11 and up




Innovasjonshub UiB
Christies gate 20, 5007 Bergen

Times of day

13:00 - 16:00
Monday - Friday


3 hours a day
15 hours total

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