The Bracketeers Club

Ages 9 - 19


NOK 1599

This is a digital maker space for kids and teenagers. In the Bracketeers Club students learn coding, design and math through building projects. Students come up with their own projects with a little help from us. And while creating something important for themselves they learn skills that are needed to make it happen.

Our Tracks

By choosing a track, you get access to all the learning materials - original videos and instructions produced by our teachers. You get a spot in one of our weekly, live classrooms. Finally, you get access to a chat with the teacher, where you can ask questions outside of class.

If you’re interested in several tracks and you’re not sure which one to pick - that’s totally fine. We give everyone some time to explore all the options out there. You’ll have 1-2 months before you’ll need to settle on something. You can change tracks at any time.


Learn why some things look pleasing while others don’t. Understand how colors work and how to put things together so they look professional. In this track you can design anything you want - websites, apps, games, books covers or posters, or even characters for your stories.

Game Dev

Game Development is a process in which programming and art are intertwined the most. In this track we learn both how to program games and how to create all the assets, such as characters, backgrounds and props. We also cover skills of storytelling, pacing and design to make games that people would want to come back to.

Web Development

Broadcast your ideas to the entire world. Breathe life into designs and create apps that people would want to use.

Computer Science

Go deep into the world of programming and tech. Learn how every little thing in that world works and why. We use a curriculum developed by Harvard University to teach this track.


Demystify math and see what lies beyond formulas. Get into the mindset of a mathematician and learn to apply that mindset not only in a math class but to anything in your life.

Up to 2 classes a week

Our basic subscription includes one live class a week. But if you feel that you need more time, you can sign up for 1 additional class. Learn more about our pricing here.

Video tutorials

Our teaching process consists of seminars and discussion but also original video tutorials that we produce ourselves. These tutorials go step-by-step through each practice project. Students can watch them at any time and however many times they need.


Whenever we cover something new we try to do it through a discussion rather than a lecture. We challenge our students to try and figure out for themselves how the new concepts work before we dive into explanations.

Attend From Anywhere

We run our classes both online and offline. We call it a Hybrid Classroom. It means that in one class we have students who are present in the classroom and those who take it from the comfort of their homes, wherever they are.

Right now our classes are attended by kids in Norway, US, Spain and Switzerland.

Offline locations

Oslo, Norway

Bergen, Norway

For the time being, due to the Coronavirus, we are holding all of our classes and camps online only.

Project Sunday


12:00 - 16:00

For 4 hours every Sunday we get together with our students to work. It’s not a class. It’s like an open office hours. All our students are welcome to join and work on their projects. And if they need help, we’re right there to answer their questions.

It is optional to participate in Project Sunday.

Better Together

We aim to create a community. Our students often work in teams, they make friends and help each other.

Due to the Coronavirus, we are not holding social events and have canceled the special camp this year. You can find out more about our summer plans here.


We have our own private Discord channel, where students share their projects, chat and can get help from their peers.

Special Bracketeers Camp

Once a year, during summer vacation, we organize a special Holiday Camp for our Bracketeers Club members. A week long intensive where we split up in teams and aim to build something in just one week.

Social Events

Computers are a powerful tool but it’s important to spend time away from the screen. One Friday a month we hold a Social Night for the students and their friends. We meet at our locations, exchange news and ideas, watch movies and play games.


17 years old

I've only been to a few programming courses before this one and they were all mediocre, but this one was well planned, had good teachers and was a very positive experience all together.


12 years old

This course was amazing! I loved to code and make these games. The teacher's were great and helped me when I needed it. I got new friends, and I liked the games I made (with help).


11 years old

It was fun and I really really recommend it! Now I understand the logic in code. Something that just looked like a lot of weird symbols and letters before.

Let's Summarize

What you'll get

  • 1.5 hour live class, once a week.
  • Opportunity to add one extra class (+ NOK 999)
  • 4 hours of project work on Sundays (optional).
  • Attend classes online from anywhere.
  • Access to all the originally produced learning content.
  • Help outside of class through chat.
  • Access to our Discord Community.
  • Access to our special Bracketeers Holiday Camp.

NOK 1499 / month

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How we do it

If you want to learn more about how we conduct our classes and what stands behind the idea of learning through building projects, we invite you to read about our method.