The Bracketeers Club

Our After School Club

Get access to learning materials from all tracks, join up to two classes a week and get guidance whenever you’re stuck.

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Our Tracks

By subscribing to a track you get access to all the learning materials - original videos and instructions produced by our teachers. You get a spot in one of our real-time classrooms that works best for you. Finally, you get access to a chat with your teacher, where you can ask questions any time you want.

Attend From Anywhere

Online and Offline

We normally run our classes both online and offline. We call it a Hybrid Classroom. It means that in a class we have students who are present in the classroom and those who take it from the comfort of their homes wherever they are.

For the time being, due to the Coronavirus, we are holding all of our courses and camps online only.

Better Together

We aim to create a community. Our students often work in teams, they make friends and help each other.


We have our own private Discord channel, where students share their projects, chat and can get help from their peers.

Holiday Camps

Once a year during summer vacation we organize a special Holiday Camp for our Bracketeers Club members. A week long intensive a goal of which is to build something in a limited amount of time.

Social Events

Computers are a powerful tool but it’s important to spend time away from the screen. One Friday a month we hold a Social Night for the students and their friends. We meet at our locations, exchange news and ideas, watch movies and play games

Project Sunday

Every sunday form 12:00 to 16:00

Working completely on your own can be hard. Any task flows better when done in a community. That’s why we started Project Sunday, so our students can have a large chunk of time every week to work on their projects together. Every Sunday we meet for 4 hours to work and solve new challenges. Students can join both offline and online.

It is optional to participate in Project Sunday

Helpful teachers

Sunday is a workday for us at CurlyBrackets. Our team is have its own project day together with the students. We do however encourage our students to poke us whenever they need any practical help or some brainstorming.

Learn from each other.

Both beginners and more experienced members of our club join us on Sundays. This allows students of different levels to work together and help each other understand the difficult parts. Teaching things to others can be a great way of reinforcing understanding in oneself.

Just build it

There’s a time for listening and learning, and there’s a time for jumping head first into it and finishing the darn thing before you run out of fuel and everyone else runs out of patience. Show up, work, make yourself accountable to other club members and keep that motivation up.

Our Secret Sauce

Project and problem-based curriculum, personalized learning, flipped classroom, hybrid classes… a lot of fancy words. Let’s get to the point. How do we teach and why does it work?

Flipped Classroom
and Personalized Learning

Flipped classroom is a method in which students are presented with theory before class. We use videos that our teachers record themselves. This gives our students an opportunity to go through the topic at their own pace. And if they're stuck they just hit a button and - boom! - they’re connected with the teacher. During class they can have a live one-on-one session to go through any questions or bugs in the projects. And outside of class we help through chat.

That way we can have students from all tracks mixed in the same classroom. And our teachers do what’s most important - guide through the weeds of new knowledge. Help each and every student fully understand the topic.

Project and Problem-based
Curriculum and Motivation

When starting anything new, the hardest part is to go through with it. To keep up the motivation. Especially if things get hard. That’s why we focus on projects and problems.

Our students learn by doing. By building projects. By coming up with ideas for the projects. By owning what they create. That gives them natural motivation to move forward. And we are always there to help.

We look at any project, however big it is, as a set of smaller problems. We aim to solve those problems one at a time. It’s not as scary and confusing as trying to do it all at once.

Small Classrooms

It would be impossible to apply all these principles in a big classroom. So we keep it small. It lets us help everyone and it makes it easier for our students to get to know each other. We only have up to 12 students in each class.


17 years old

I've only been to a few programming courses before this one and they were all mediocre, but this one was well planned, had good teachers and was a very positive experience all together.


12 years old

This course was amazing! I loved to code and make these games. The teacher's were great and helped me when I needed it. I got new friends, and I liked the games I made (with help).


11 years old

It was fun and I really really recommend it! Now I understand the logic in code. Something that just looked like a lot of weird symbols and letters before.

Let's Summarize

What you'll get

  • 1.5 hour live class, once a week.
  • 4 hours of project work on Sundays (optional).
  • Attend classes online from anywhere.
  • Access to all the originally produced learning content.
  • Help outside of class through chat.
  • Access to our Discord Community.
  • Access to our special Bracketeers Holiday Camp.

NOK 1499 / month

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