Meet the team

Do you remember sitting in class and wondering why you need to know all those formulas? How is writing a paper on classics of Spanish literature is going to bring you closer to being an astronaut?

Do you remember feeling scared to fail a test or anxious to be called by the teacher to answer a question? Do you remember loving some subjects and hating others?
We remember that too. Which is why we want to make it different. We believe that education is not just a proclamation of knowledge to masses of kids sitting in rows in front of you. We believe that the process of learning can be inspiring and should be connected to the real world and not abstracts.
We believe that it’s not only factual knowledge that you should gain while learning something. It’s also skills, like leadership, cooperation, self-motivation, ability to finish what you’ve started and creativity. We try to bring these values into our courses and share them with our students. So that learning will not be something you have to do but also something you enjoy.

Rafid Hoda

Co-Founder & CEO

Some people dream of becoming firemen, others want to be astronauts, presidents, doctors or pirates. Ever since Rafid was a kid he dreamt of becoming a teacher. He is genuinely passionate about sharing knowledge and helping people learn new things. Some of his students have been coming back to his classes for over two years now. He, like no one else, can inspire and support an interest for learning and growth.

Aleksander Malde

Co-Founder & CPO

Aleks has tried out and worked in so many fields that it would make a pretty long list. A thing that kept coming back is teaching. Even though Aleksander has taught hundreds of kids from kindergarten kids to high school students, he still puts his whole heart into the process. Constantly coming up with new ways to motivate the students and light up this fire within them that would make them seek new knowledge and continue learning even after the class is done.

Anni Hoda

Co-Founder & COO

Have you heard about the fear of blank slate? It's likely that you've experienced it yourself. One of the best ways to snap out of it is when someone asks you the right question. A question about something you're trying to do that would get your brain going. Anni's super power is asking the right questions at the right time and putting things into perspective. She's the boss of storytelling and unexpected new ideas.