About Us

This is a special place where we’re suppose to tell you all about how awesome we are. But instead lets talk a bit about what we think is important when it comes to learning something new.

We believe that it should always be fun. Fun doesn’t necessarily mean easy but it does mean interesting.

That making mistakes is amazing. Because it’s the best way to learn how to become better.

That the best way to understand new concepts is by applying them. By building your own projects.

That what takes you an extra mile further is support - people and place where you can share your ideas and get all the knowledge you need to bring them to life.

Sometimes when you learn new things it can be challenging, scary, you can feel stupid and lost. It’s normal, we’ve all been there. And that’s why we created CurlyBrackets. A place free of judgment and full of support, imagination and creating.

Meet the team

Rafid Hoda

Co-Founder & CEO

Rafid loves reading books, traveling and chocolate. But who doesn’t? He also loves learning and sharing knowledge with others. Like many of his students, Rafid made his first game when he was 9. Although, back then he didn’t have anyone to help him figure his way around this new, unfamiliar world of tech. Well now he’s doing it himself for all those who want to try!

Aleksander Malde


Aleksander has 5 pets. And everyone knows that people who like animals are very kind. He’s also fun and amazing in many other ways. He can write his own songs and rock the guitar. He has this special power of making even the most hard things fun and easy to understand. Isn’t that the key to figuring your way around something new?

Anni Hoda


Moved from Russia to Norway and from filmmaking to education. She loves creating and sharing stories and learning the best ways of doing that. From storyboards to filming and editing, from writing to photography. Anni believes in learning through practice and that sharing your experience with others helps you to learn in a better way.