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Imagine if you could get access to expert teachers who could show you how to build your own games, websites or apps.

CurlyBrackets is an online community of creators and we learn through building real projects.
We offer live online classes where each student meets with their teacher once a week.

By teaching through building projects our students gain skills such as programming, design, collaboration, storytelling and problem-solving.
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What are parents saying?

Anne Romslo

Mom from Oslo

My son, 13 years old, is very happy about joining CurlyBrackets. He learns a lot and ends the classes with a smile. His fellow students and the teacher is great, he says. I feel that he is acquiring important skills that will be an advantage later in life, and at the same time he is having a lot of fun right now. It seems that CurlyBrackets way of focusing on game making is very intriguing and sparks an interest in programming. I am very happy about the course.

Knut Hørthe

Dad from Sofiemyr

I recommend CurlyBrackets to kids who are not scheduled for the national team of football.

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Holiday Camps

Every year we organize holiday camps during school holidays. Our holiday camps are an intense week of learning, building, making friends and having lots of fun! It's also a great oppurtunity for our students to meet their teacher and other students in person.

We are currently holding holiday camps in Oslo

We hold holiday camps during the winter, summer and autumn breaks.