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{Curly Brackets} teaches kids about programming, technology and entrepreneurship through building games and websites.

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After School Class

What is Curly Brackets?

Curly Brackets is the best place for kids and teenagers to learn about programming, design and entrepreneurship through build your own games, websites and apps. We offer after school courses and holiday camps for kids aged 8 - 19 years old.

What we offer

We offer after school courses two times a year and holiday camps in the summer, winter and autumn breaks.

Based in Oslo, Norway

We are a proud Norwegian company located in Oslo Sentrum. Our address is Grensen 9B, 0159 Oslo.

Student testimonials


In only 5 days I learned everything I need to know in order to start coding on my own. The teachers are very good at teaching and if I had a question according the subject, no matter if it's irrelevant for what game we were making I would get a good and helpful answer!


One thing I REEAALLYYYYY enjoy is that I can now try to code on my own, the teachers were VEEEEEEERYYYYY clear. I think I now may make my Videogame Of Dreams! And I learned how to in only one week! If you are about to start at this course, you shald barely manage to wait!