Create Anything

CurlyBrackets teaches kids about programming, technology, design and storytelling through building awesome projects.

What is CurlyBrackets?

CurlyBrackets is a place where kids and teenagers can learn about programming, technology, design, storytelling, entrepreneurship and more through building their own projects, like games, websites, films or apps.

We offer after school courses and holiday camps for kids aged 9 - 19 years old.

Based in Oslo and Bergen

What are parents saying?

Anne Romslo
My son, 13 years old, is very happy about the After School class at CurlyBrackets. He learns a lot and comes home with a smile. His fellow students and the teacher is great, he says. I feel that he is acquiring important skills that will be an advantage later in life, and at the same time he is having a lot of fun right now. It seems that CurlyBrackets way of focusing on game making is very intriguing and sparks an interest in programming. I am very happy about the course.
Knut Hørthe
I signed up my 13 year old son for CurlyBrackets that teaches kids about programming, technology and entrepreneurship through building games and websites. We are very happy about the course and my son looks forward to every class. I recommend CurlyBrackets to kids who are not scheduled for the national team of football.