Maybe the Best
Place to Learn Online

Maybe the Best
Place to Learn Online

Master programming, mathematics and design.
Create your own games, websites and apps.

The Bracketeers Club

After School Activity

Evening classes for kids & teenagers who want to learn how to program, make games and websites, design or understand math in a deeper way.

All our classes are project based. Which means that there are no boring lectures. We learn through creating and you’ll get your hands dirty with code, designs and math problem solving right away.

Project Kindness

NOK 250

This summer

This summer we want to do a mini-version of our spring success - The Pandemic Project. Participant of the camps are going to form teams and come up with ideas for digital projects that might solve real life problems. Those ideas will them be turned into design prototypes of websites, games or apps.



17 years old

I've only been to a few programming courses before this one and they were all mediocre, but this one was well planned, had good teachers and was a very positive experience all together.


12 years old

This course was amazing! I loved to code and make these games. The teacher's were great and helped me when I needed it. I got new friends, and I liked the games I made (with help).


11 years old

It was fun and I really really recommend it! Now I understand the logic in code. Something that just looked like a lot of weird symbols and letters before.

Free Tutorials

Our video tutorials are beginner friendly and are made by our main teachers. Check them out and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates.