Learn by Doing
with CurlyBrackets

Ages 13 - 19


Create your own games and websites, master computer science and design. At our classes you’ll get to build projects with tools used by professional designers and developers, discuss tech, science and game news, voice your opinions and make friends with students from all over the world.

See how CurlyBrackets works

One Live Class a Week

As a student you'll attend one 90-minute live class a week. This is where you'll interact with your teacher and the other students. The classes vary depending on which week it is. To learn more read about the Nine Week Cycle.

Video Tutorials

Our teaching process consists of seminars and discussion but also original video tutorials that we produce ourselves. These tutorials go step-by-step through each practice project. Students can watch them at any time and however many times they need.


Whenever we cover something new we try to do it through a discussion rather than a lecture. We challenge our students to try and figure out for themselves how the new concepts work before we dive into explanations.

Review from a Parent

Mom of 11 year old student

My son absolutely loves his weekly classes at CurlyBrackets. He has attended several other coding classes at different companies in the past, but CurlyBrackets is by far his favourite.

He has learned how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Figma to create a very impressive, interactive, professional website. The class strikes an excellent balance between group learning and individual project work. Rafid, the co-head of CurlyBrackets, is an excellent educator. He cares about the children’s learning journey and he is able to spark their passion for coding.

I like how Rafid creates the possibility of long term partnerships with parents and their children to enable the child to develop their technical skills, think about how they can use them in real world scenarios, and build a community of friends with a similar passion. I am really thrilled we found this company and I highly recommend it!

Meet our Students

Tom has been spending the last 6 months going through Harvard University's Intro to Computer Science Class.

Tom (15) - Oslo, Norway

Sydney is designing a Unicorn app. You take care of your unicorn, buy outfits and accessories and a lot more.

Sydney (11) - Oslo, Norway

Oskar is developing a CurlyBrackets desktop application. It can be used by students to communicate with others and ask for help.

Oskar (15) - Zurich, Switzerland

Jacob has been spending the last year building his feature 2D platformer game, Mr. Needlefish.

Jacob (10) - New York City, US

The Nine Week Cycle

How we work on projects

At CurlyBrackets we learn through building projects. We call our system for working on projects the "Nine Week Cycle". As you might have guessed from the name, it lasts a total of nine weeks. Think of it as a school semester.

The goal of the nine week cycle is for every student to:
- Plan a project
- Design the project
- Build the project
- Complete the project
- Present the project
- Get feedback from the teacher

We go a lot more into detail about the Nine Week Cycle. Click the button below to learn more.

Attend From Anywhere

We hold our classes in a Zoom meeting. That means that you can attend the class from anywhere in the world as long the the time fits you.

CurlyBrackets students live all over the world, Norway, US, UK, Spain and Switzerland.

Students that are based in Oslo and Bergen can also attend the classes offline at our location.

For the time being, due to the Coronavirus, we are holding all of our classes and camps online only.

Our Schedule

Below you can see which time slots we have available.


16:30 - 18:00


16:30 - 18:00

All times are in Central European Time (CET)

Let's Summarize

What you'll get

  • Get a FREE trial class.
  • 1499 NOK/month after the trial period.
  • 1.5 hour live class, once a week.
  • Attend classes online from anywhere.
  • Access to all the originally produced learning content.